I realized I wanted to be a photographer when I went through my facebook and found little to no photos of my mom after she passed away in 2016. 

I didn't decide to become a photographer for others, initially. I just wanted to learn how to take good photos of those in my life so that I wouldn't ever have to miss someone after they were gone and have no photos of them to cherish. Plus, I love a good challenge!


My passion for photography took off, and I found that I loved shooting lifestyle portraits and weddings, as well as boudoir and commercial work. My interests range all over the place, and my end goal is to shoot fine art photography someday! 

I'm a mommy to a teenager and 3 kitties and I'm also a a painter. I love creating albums, wall art collections, and traditional art -- anything to decorate your home with beauty! 

I also feel terribly uncomfortable in front of the camera, so I know how awkward it can feel to get your photos done. No worries, I try to keep it light, fun, and quick while still capturing fabulous shots!

Rockford, Illinois