Consent is a hot topic lately with all of this sexual abuse coming to light in Hollywood and otherwise. Consent seems to be something many people of our culture just don't understand, or maybe they simply don't care? But your body is your own and no one is entitled to it without your consent. This means so much -- Men leering at young women wearing "stylish" clothing that is far too revealing -- This is gross behavior. The nasty comments, the sickening dick pics, everything a young woman has gone through in this day and age when she posts a photo wearing a bikini or a tight dress -- It takes no provocation for women to receive this treatment. It's very sad indeed this is the society we live in and it's normalized to treat women this way. We are more than sexual gratification for men. This photoshoot with Alyxandria Fandel and Raven Fandel of Rockford, IL really helps to showcase how we feel about this sexualization we receive from men when we do not want it.

#Consent #MeToo #SexualAssault #NoMoreDickPicks #2019isforchange #GirlsAgainstRape

Rockford, Illinois