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For starters. Amanda is so easy to work with, it made my day so much easier. Things I hadn’t thought of she did. The fact that I spoke with her multiple times from the time I inquired about her services probably to about at least once a week with her checking on details to the time frame to make sure nothing changed. It was such a pleasure to have someone that cared about your day as much as she did. November 25th, 2018. The first major snowfall this year, was my wedding day. In a panic I had to cancel my tent I had planned on having and move it somewhere indoors. With the outline changing, time frame changing the night before, to the HUGE snow storm that was just ruthless all day. She showed up, bundled, with plastic bags over her gear ready to take it on, no questions asked. She got some absolutely breathtaking photos of my wedding, and those I will cherish forever. Thank you so much Amanda.

-- CHANTELL + MIKE, 11.25.18

Amanda’s work is done to such a high standard, and she’s very professional. She also has confidence in her work as she’s creating it which I feel is a really important quality in a photographer; her comfort level with herself carries over in her ability to make others comfortable and put them at ease as she’s shooting. She captured our wedding perfectly and we shot in a variety of different locations that each had a different feel.

Every little detail that Amanda creatively captured is ours to treasure as precious memories forever. 💗 Amanda, we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and attention to detail; we are proud to have the honor of being the first solo wedding you shot.

We highly recommend Amanda Lynn Farrey Photography to other couples to capture your unique moments artistically for your wedding day! 
Thank you, Amanda! 

-- TOM + JOLENE, 9.29.18




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